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    by 4160Tuesdays

    "I met Lila das Gupta, the Spanish-Indian founder of Perfume Lovers’ London and Basenotes writer, at a one-day course with Karen Gilbert on synthetic materials. Lila was working on her Oriental scent for real Oriental women. She’s made one at a previous workshop, but had forgotten to write down the materials she’d used. So, after creating a tiny bottle of her perfect signature scent, she’d no idea how to make another one. A bit later in the year, I was round at her house for my Basenotes interview, and she brought out her magnificent collection of amber and Oriental fragrances. The problem, I thought, was that the classic Orientals were developed in the 1920s by European men who’d never been to the Orient, and had some very odd ideas about Eastern women. Lila wanted a scent for real Oriental women, to celebrate her Eastern origins, and she wanted me to make it for her. I was stunned, honoured and scared at the same time. So, I went for it. This is a deep amber, made with vanillin and labdanum, with piles of Middle Eastern sweetness and spicy resins, with a dose of incense. Lila hasn’t smelled it yet. I’ll do an update when she lets me know what she thinks of it." Sarah McCartney

    NOTES: Amber,vanillin, labdanum, cocoa absolute,caramelly ethyl vanillin, patchouli, frankincense, cardamom, clary sage, cedarwood, pink peppercorn, holy basil, bergamot, juniper berry


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    Product Reviews

    1. Shazam 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 30th Aug 2016

      Starts off smelling of spice studded orange pomanders and orange flavored chocolate, and dries down to a warm, woody amber with hints of pepper and powdery vanilla. Woody amber incense with peppery touches. Soft and doesn't have a lot of throw and staying power on me, but is pleasant.

    2. Unisex amber 3 Star Review

      Posted by on 23rd May 2014

      A lovely peppery amber which would be suitable for men and women. This perfume did not linger on my skin, only lasting 3 hours. I had to re-spray after this to get a top up of the strong initial scent. very little silage.

    3. And may I add Cowabunga!! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 22nd Apr 2014

      Did the full bottle purchase of this one already, it is that good. If you are attracted to warm spicy which can actually go full season due to its quirky, peppery nature, this is your scent. I highly recommend you sample the entire line.