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Baruti is an independent artisan perfume brand with a rebellious attitude dedicated to the "art" in perfumery. Founder Spyros Drosopoulos writes all the formulas for the perfumes and blends them by hand in his Labtelier in Amsterdam. The word "baruti" means "gunpowder" in Greek. When used as an adjective, baruti refers to those with excessive character, bite and a certain edginess.

Spyros created Baruti perfumes for scent connoisseurs who want more than just a nice fragrance. It is for those who seek new experiences, food for their soul with creations that pay attention to detail, have depth, complexity, development, balance, and unending dryout.

"What I love about making perfumes is that it's both a technically challenging and a highly creative process in one. I am something of a 'novelty seeker'; I just love to explore. This reflects in my work as well; I always look for new materials, new combinations or twists to expand known and familiar themes." ~ Spyros Drosopoulos

This is what my dreams smell like
I make personal and immediate perfumes
Deceptively playful
Rooted in the unconscious
Perplexing the senses
Like kaleidoscopic explosions of beauty
They can blow you away