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Maria Candida Gentile

“The best fragrances are able to induce deep emotions; they are authentic. We all grew up with Nature, for thousands of years we develop our instinct and emotions based on what we saw, touched, heard and smelled.” - Maria Candida Gentile

Maria Candida Gentile studied in Grasse in France under the guidance of master perfumer Carol André and is the only Italian and one of the few women who have earned the esteemed title of Maître Parfumeur. Signora Gentile creates fragrances that are created from the finest raw materials with a high percentage (between 80 and 98 percent) of essential oils and absolues. Each evokes a special moment, place, a work of music or cinema. Internationally acclaimed Fragrance expert and biophysicist, Luca Turin exclaims that Maria Candida Gentile’s fragrances are “rich, warm, versi-colored, joyful compositions that make you smile with pleasure..."

The fragrances are inspired by numerous trips Maria Candida Gentile makes all over the world in search of purest ingredients. Maria Candida passionately brings back to life a thousand years of French and Italian perfumery yet are sophisticated and contemporary and in harmony with nature.