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    by Zoologist

    "Refreshing and Charming"

    The adorable panda is a born charmer and a true ambassador of peace. Indigenous to the Sichuan bamboo forests, the panda’s natural habitat is a majestic mosaic of dewy greens and enchanting aromas. Panda Eau de Parfum is a fresh green fragrance that combines the delightful scents of bamboo and zisu leaves to send you on an unforgettable aromatic adventure. Your journey begins at a quaint Sichuan pepper farm surrounded by mountain streams and then leads you through a forest of osmanthus flowers as you finally make your way into a cozy garden filled with juicy mandarin trees and blooming lilies. Panda is a scent ensemble that will truly awaken and rejuvenate your senses.

    NOTES: Buddha's Hand Citron, bamboo, Sichuan pepper, green tea, mandarin, zisu leaves, osmanthus, orange blossom, lillies, mimosa, incense, sandalwood, pemou root, cedar, fresh musk*, bourbon, Haitian vetiver, damp moss

    *Synthetic notes. Panda Eau de Parfum does not use animal products.


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    Product Reviews

    1. Panda 2 Star Review

      Posted by on 11th Aug 2016

      I love most of the Zoologist line, but this one falls flat on me. It's wet, green, clean, pulpy bamboo and sharp citrus over an ashy, gritty vetiver. It has soapy qualities, but is a very green and damp smelling fragrance overall. I don't care for the variety of vetiver or the soapy-clean, sharp-citrus-spiked green tea and green bamboo. Perfumey, washed out, soapy green drydown.

    2. lovely to smell, not to wear 3 Star Review

      Posted by on 13th Mar 2016

      There's a watery note in here that I don't want to smell of. This smells more like 'atmosphere' than perfume. Is that just a nicer way of saying room spray? Maybe.