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    by Baruti

    The scent of delicious Indian masala chai envelops you. It's warm, sweet, and spicy with a hint of a milky undertone.

    NOTES: Cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, pepper, black tea, steamed milk, cocoa, roses, vanilla, musk, leather


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    Product Reviews

    1. A modern masterpiece 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 2nd Jan 2019

      It is what it is, which is great. Dare I say perfect?

    2. Masterpiece 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 6th Oct 2018

      What more can I say? you know it's good,so get it!

    3. Sophisticated Spicy Scent 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 16th Jan 2018

      I was really drawn to wanting to try out this perfume. I love Chai tea and I like spicy scents that include Cinnamon and Cardamom. I also lean towards spicy scents that include sweetness as well, so this sounded like a really good blend for me. What is unique and unexpected about this scent is the addition of rose and on my skin, there is a significant rose overtone. It all blends together nicely and works out and I find it to be a really lovely scent and has great lasting power, makes me feel sophisticated and bold but I think I would ultimately prefer this blend to have less rose in it. The rose can *almost* bring to mind more of an "old lady scent", in my opinion. I still am drawn to this scent though and don't have anything else quite like it. Overall - very luxurious.

    4. Comforting unisex cold weather fragrance 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 5th Dec 2017

      On me this smells like incense and mulled spices, and it lasts really well.

    5. Just as labelled 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 3rd Jun 2017

      Lovely smoky chai - all the elements of chai tea are there. To my nose leans a bit to the masculine. Would love to nuzzle my mate's neck and get a little whiff of this.

    6. GOOD! 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 6th Oct 2016

      Chai is very nicely done. On me, the cardamon and tea is what I get, along with a whiff of cinnamon. The little bottle is well made, with the cap fitting quite nicely! There is another scent this reminds me of - Otis and Me! (I really like that one, too:)

    7. Chai. 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 4th Aug 2016

      You can really smell all of the listed notes in this, and they are amazing. It's like gingerbread cookies, roses chilled in a florist's fridge, black tea with steamed milk and sexy, slightly smoky leather. Spicy, milky, comforting cookies and sweet floral cut through with the bitterness of the tea... complex and magical.

    8. Chai 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 8th May 2016

      Ideal for cold weather. No unsolicited compliments. Hints of cinnamon & ginger. Stayed with me for 6 hours.

    9. Wonderful!! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 21st Jul 2015

      I really had very high expectations on this one and it didnĀ“t disappointed me at all. Definitely my best purchase of 2015!

    10. Fantastic 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 19th Jun 2015

      I just loved this sample. I'll be back for a FB

    11. If I could just get that little pickle note to hush 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 30th Mar 2015

      It's my skin (or my imagination) doing this. If I spray a tester, this is soft but spicy, wonderful black tea, not as milky as I thought it would be. And, it's pretty much a summer through winter scent. Great compliments when I wear it.