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    Winter Oak

    by Raw Spirit


    A smooth, creamy, warming scent. Winter Oak is inspired by walking the oak-lined trails of the Chumash Lands of California on cool winter mornings, when crushed oak leaves and twigs release their rich scent. A decadent fragrance with smooth, creamy notes of aged American oak.

    NOTES: American oak, suede, saffron, Haitian vetiver, musk


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    Product Reviews

    1. Beech/Oak/Citrus Trees 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 20th Feb 2017

      When I first got this sample, I was thinking it would be a tight, wooded scent...much like when perfumers sometimes use hinoki wood. Then, when I applied it, I noticed a citrus, lemony vibe. My next thought was,
      "Maybe this scent will walk me through the seasons' stages and end up with a wintered oak?" After that thought, because the smoothly creamed lemon persisted, I looked up winter oak. Much to my surprise, many oak tress, along with beech trees, retain their leaves well into winter. So I thought of beech, for I know what that smells like, and took a whiff of Winter Oak, and it did remind me of the smell of beech. Then I found out that oak is part of the beech-tree family. Things started to make sense. When you first apply this, you'll get some of that wood, then a citrus follows. It isn't until the later stages that the spice and wood appear. Winter Oak is never as cedar and spicy as many woody scents are today. It doesn't have the longevity that Raw Spirit's Cittadelle has, but it still lasts decently. Harry Fremont is the nose behind Raw Spirit's offerings. He is noted for doing Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver.