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    Novacaine No. 85

    by Tokyo Milk

    Disconnect. Disrupt. Novacaine is a surreal Tokyo Milk fragrance that shatters preconception. Notes of Thai pepper add fire to smoky frankincense. Pretty and punk. Untamed and unpredictable. The exotic floral of orchid vanilla warms slowly in the background, while crushed ginger seduces with spice. What remains in the after-burn is a sense of heat and excitement - alluding to things to come.

    NOTES: Crushed ginger, Thai pepper, sweet blossom, black cardamom, frankincense


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    Product Reviews

    1. Sample first - very unpredictable with skin chemistry 2 Star Review

      Posted by on 3rd Feb 2017

      I was so intrigued to try this one and got a sample right away. I agree this feels like a cold-weather scent.

      On me, there was no softness at all - it goes straight out cold and aggressive. All prickly and punk, no pretty or soft. It did linger noticeably on the skin for me too. Unfortunately, that wasn't a good thing.

      I gave the sample to a friend of mine who tried it and it went softly spicy and more powdery on her - much more in line with the experience Tania describes in her review. If it smelled on me like it smelled on them I'd be all about it.

      This is my fifth or six TM frag. Some have worked; others not so much, but I'm a sucker for them too. One of the most interesting and unconventional fragrance brands out there and accessibly priced.

    2. Novacaine. 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 12th Oct 2016

      I love the boxes and little display cases that the new Tokyo Milks come with. If I had to guess at the notes in this, I would have said a very soft cinnamon, beautiful cardamom, sweet vanilla and warm, rich, incensey, slightly powdery amber. It's a sweet, warm, spicy incense, but very soft and mellow. Lasts about seven hours on me and wears closer to the skin, but is still noticeable. I like this as a fall fragrance.