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    by Sammarco

    The idea of Bond-T was born during a visit to the Paul de Bondt chocolate factory in Pisa. It’s a dark, animalic, patchouli gourmand that can also be described as a cocoa and tobacco leathery scent. Very deep and erotic.

    NOTES: Cocoa, patchouli, castoreum, tonka, vanilla, osmanthus



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    Product Reviews

    1. lovely smoky chocolate patchouli 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 29th Dec 2016

      Got this for my boyfriend, who wears it very well.

    2. Must-try gourmand fragrance. 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 1st May 2016

      This is a heavy, dark, earthy-animalic, oh so interesting take on chocolate.
      Throughout the life of the fragrance, it has a thick caramel, vanilla cream and cocoa thing going on, and it reminds me of sweet cigar tobacco and chocolate covered raisins in between its layers of dark cocoa powder and caramel.
      It's interesting to smell tobacco, caramel-cream-cocoa, and earth, all at the same time, and it has this dirty, almost fecal, animalistic edge to it as well. The castoreum part does calm down after a while, though.
      Very complex and heavy. One spritz of this lasts all day on me and has amazing throw. Even after 10 hours and a shower, I could still smell this on my skin.
      This is definitely very gourmand, and it gets even more purely chocolate/caramel on my skin over time, but it has dark and dirty edges to it that keep it interesting.