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    Who Knew?

    by 4160Tuesdays


    "This is a gently rosy scent with green tea, vetivert, woods and a tiny hint of vanillin. I made it for a lovely customer who thought she didn't like the smell of roses, so I was determined to sneak some in there for her. The green tea smells rather chocolate, but not in a sweet way, rather like raw cocoa beans. The vetivert makes it woody and smoky, so it's been a hit with the chaps too. (We use real green tea absolute, so don't expect the usual light airy things that are after green tea and made with something different.) In the end, my client discovered that if you use it carefully, rose makes a lovely scent. So, its original name was 'Who Knew I Liked Roses?' But we liked 'Who Knew?' better." Sarah McCartney

    NOTESRose, green tea absolute, vetivert, woods, vanillin 


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    Product Reviews

    1. Sweet as 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 30th May 2014

      Rosy and sweet. Not my kind of floral, but if you love the mixture of Smokey sweet you should enjoy this scent!