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    Violet Disguise

    by Imaginary Authors

    “Invigorated by the reckless blooms of spring, she took to the street like a blossom on the breeze.” So begins Violet Disguise by Lenora Blumberg. A Californian through and through, Blumberg’s early stories invoke the innocence of picnics in the park, days whiled away picking plums in the orchard and warm nights cruising canyon roads with the top down. After Violet Disguise was adapted for the screen ,Blumberg spent several years consorting with Hollywood’s elite but abandoned the glitz for a quiet life on a plum orchard in the Ojai Valley.

    WHEN TO WEAR: This is a versatile fragrance that will remind you of the simpler joys in life. Violet Disguise will invigorate and put a spring in your step.

    NOTES: Plum, violet, dried fruits, balsam, amber, evening air, the month of May


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    Product Reviews

    1. Violet Disguise. 1 Star Review

      Posted by on 11th Aug 2016

      I wanted to love this, because I love the bottle, but it's both cloying and soapy on me. Cloying violet candy and sugarplums, but with a dry, sharp soapiness mixed in. It's like eating fruity candy and then licking a dryer sheet. I don't get the resins or balsams at all.

    2. This fragrance is a matter of taste- it's very sweet and syrupy 2 Star Review

      Posted by on 20th Feb 2015

      I had the opposite reaction to the other reviewer. Violet Disguise opens nicely but then it develops into what to me is a sickeningly sweet syrupy fruit compote concoction that overwhelms the other notes. If you like super sweet fruity fragrances you may love this one, but it was not for me.

    3. Simply Beautiful 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 2nd Nov 2013

      This is a very simple and achingly lovely scent. Nothing complicated. A scent that is unaffected and pretty. It doesn't try to be unique, to take you by surprise or to be anything other than simple, lovely, refreshing.

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