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    Style of perfume

    • Clean
    • Citrus
    • Floral

    Popular Notes

    • Amber
    • Ambergris
    • Apple

    Urban Legend

    by Sebastiane

    Friends, feasts and festivities.Do you answer the call to join in?Sweet, warm and intoxicating aromas waft from the doorway to a night you may never forget, but it's up to you to step through it.Become part of the big city's lore; the myths of midnight..... Urban Legend.

    Top Notes: Orange Blossom

    Heart Notes: Vanilla Ginger, Aroma Molecule

    Base Notes: Perfumer's Alcohol, Tonkabean



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    Product Reviews

    1. Juicy black licorice 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 5th Sep 2016

      As noted by others, the composition blasts open with a dark, juicy, viscous black licorice. But is that a bad thing? Just as Espresso Royale is the most authentic coffee fragrance I’ve ever smelled, this opens with the most authentic licorice note out there. Heavy on the tonka, it’s Blue Sugar’s complicated, rebellious brother. The neroli+ginger combination freshens the licorice after about 15 minutes and eases the pulsing, darkness into the background. My skin tends to amplify white flower and this is no exception. The neroli eventually takes over, but the dark licorice anchors it and keeps it from floating away into the clouds. The vanilla runs along the base keeping this in the gourmand territory that I love as it finishes off to a syrupy, boozy licorice liqueur.

    2. Danielle 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 6th Sep 2015

      This show the most talent of the Sebastiane line! Highly original. Who what of thought to create an
      eau de vie!

    3. Eau De Vie 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 31st Jul 2015

      A tribute to an eau de vie! Masterpiece of the entire collection!

    4. Good longevity! 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 12th Mar 2014

      This is a great fragrance with only 4 notes, it's so, deep, full and rich. I get some orange blossom and vanilla, it's sweet but not fruity sweet, I have never smelled a fragrance like it, very unique and different, it's great for the fall and winter, I get good projection and good longevity. Rating 8.5/10

    5. Confusingly average 3 Star Review

      Posted by on 28th Feb 2014

      First you're hit with a heavy dose of alcoholic clove and an almost carbonated boozy amber. The dry down expresses a little bit more of the tonka bean but I'm under the assumption this rides about over. I enjoy the spice but as far as amber fragrances go, not so much for me.