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    Urara's Tokyo Cafe (Tokyo Spring Blossom)

    by 4160Tuesdays

    "I made Urura's Tokyo Cafe for a charity event in Tokyo, a perfume party held at my friend Urara Shiinoki's Green Ginger Cafe. We raised £700 that day for children orphaned by the tsunami. It's difficult to say what it smells of exactly, but I make it with a base of deep resinous opoponax and tolu balsam, then there are roses, geraniums, violets and woods, plus a sparkle of grapefruit and tangerine. Best of all is the raspberry-leaf absolute, which gives it a fresh fruit jam feel. By the time you smell it, I hope you'll find it hard to detect any of these, just a breath of gorgeousness." Sarah McCartney

    NOTES: Grapefruit, tangerine, raspberry-leaf absolute, roses, geraniums, violets, woods, opponax, tolu balsam


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    Product Reviews

    1. A Stroll Through a Farmer's Market 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 26th May 2017

      Sarah's rendition of spring blossoms makes me happy (no bees!) Tokyo Spring Blossom is described as, "the breeze through spring flowers, fresh fruit, soft petals and sensuous balsams." I wish I had written that description. This fragrance does perfectly capture these lovely spring days. It's a stroll through the farmer's market, where the vendors are selling freshly picked flowers and fruits. It's a waltz through a lush field of wildflowers with the sun shining down and the breeze gently blowing. Or maybe it's a transport to a meditative spot - under the gently swaying cherry blossoms, sitting on the stone bench while you watch the koi play in the sunlit pond.

    2. Tokyo Cafe. 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 13th Oct 2016

      Powdery violet and raspberry candy with fresh, bright citrus tones. The drydown is warm, dry wood and powdery violets with a hint of rose on my skin. I like the opening more than the drydown, but it's still quite nice.

    3. Summer spring perfume 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 21st May 2014

      Lovely raspberry leaf and geranium scents are strong initially. a modern citrus grapefruit in the background. This would be nice to wear during a summers evening as it is very comforting and warm.

    4. Oh my, and yes, I'll have some more please. 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 22nd Apr 2014

      4160 Tuesdays is a delight. A new sensation with each different scent. No tired old lady lemon here. This one is an explosion of citrus and maybe some vodka and some balsam for it to nest in. I will wear this anywhere, from the faintest peep of spring until the leaves start turning.