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    "Going to California" (1971) and  1000 flowers  4160Tuesdays perfume or 4160 Tuesdays perfume's The Lion Cupboard Perfume at IndieScents  4160Tuesdays Perfume-4160 Tuesdays Perfume-What I Did On My Holidays Perfume at IndieScents  A Kiss by the Fireside Perfume at indiescents.com  Acacia  agarwood  Age of Aquarius  aged Indian patchouli  aglaia  aldehydes  Almond  aloe vera  Amaryllis  amber  ambergris  ambrette  ambrette seeds  Amroma M  amyris  and musk  angelica root  apple  Apple syrup  apricot  aquatic  Aquatic and ozonic notes  Arnica  Aroma M  Aroma M Noire  Aroma M Violet  artemisia  Australian Bush Flower  Australian Flower  avenue montaigne  balms  balsam  Barroco parfume at indiescents.com  basil  basmati rice  bay  beeswax  benzoin  benzoin resin  bergamot  bezoin  bigarade  birch tar  Birch Wood  Birchtar  bitter orange  black currant  Black hemlock  black leather  black musk  black pepper  black rush  Black Tea  Blackberry  Blackcurrant  Blonde wood  Blonde woods  Blood Orange  Blues Rock and Folk Rock. Led IV is inspired by the Led Zeppelin song  Body Made Luminous  Bourbon  brecourt  broom  brown sugar  buddahwood  Bulgarian rose  Bulgarian rose absolute  Bull's Blood  cabernet-sauvigno  cade  Calycanthus  camellia  camellia flowers  Caramel  Caramelized apple  Cardamom  cardamon  carnation  carrot  Carrot seed  cashmere  Cassie  Cassis  castoreum  cedar  cedar wood  cedarwood  chai tea  chamomile  champaca  champagne  Cherry Blossom  Chocolate  Cinnamon  cipriol  ciste  cistus  citron  citrus  civet  clary sage  clementine  clove  clove.  Cloves  cobra and the canary  cocoa  cocoa absolute  coconut  Coconut milk  Coffee  cognac  Cool mint  Coriander  costus root  cumin  Cut grass  Cut stem  Cyclamen  Cypress  Dark Heart of Old Havana Perume now at indiescents.com  Date  davana  dewberry  dewberry rose  Dried Fruits  DUFTBLÜTEN is a time machine with magnolia and gardenia in the top notes  DUFTBLÜTEN is a time machine with magnolia and gardenia in the top notes  DUFTBLÜTEN is a time machine with magnolia and gardenia in the top notes  DUFTBLÜTEN is a time machine with magnolia and gardenia in the top notes  DUFTBLÜTEN is a time machine with magnolia and gardenia in the top notes  DUFTBLÜTEN is a time machine with magnolia and gardenia in the top notes  DUFTBLÜTEN is a time machine with magnolia and gardenia in the top notes  DUFTBLÜTEN is a time machine with magnolia and gardenia in the top notes  DUFTBLÜTEN is a time machine with magnolia and gardenia in the top notes  earthy notes.  East Indian Mysore sandalwood  Ebony Wood  Egyptian musk  elemi  espresso  evening air  Evil Max Perfume at Indiescents  Fall Perfume  Fig  Fig leaf  fir  fir balsam  fir resin  floral notes  forest  frangipani  Frangipani flower  frankincense  Freesia  French beeswax absolute  fresh cut grass  Fresh grass  friedemodin at indiescents.com-rosee-de-nuit-vertine-jardin mystique-feu-follet-friedemodin-perfume-  fruits  Gaiac  Gaiac wood  Gaïac wood  galbanum  Gardenia  geisha  geisha blue  Geisha Pink  geranium  gin  ginger  gingergrass  Grapefruit  grass  Green and crisp apple  Green and crispy apple  green bamboo  Green Fig  Green leaves  green nectarine  green notes  Green stem  Green Tea  Greens  Guaiac wood  Guaiacwood  gualacwood  guiacwood  gurjum  hana-cha  hay  hay asphault  Hazelnut  Heather  heliotrope  honey  honey beeswax  honeysuckle  hyacinth  Imaginary Authors  Imagine Led Zeppelin capturing you in a moment of live music back in the 70’s. Meant to conjure th  immortelle  incense  Incense Rose at indiescents.com  Indian jasmine sambac absolute  Indian patchouli  Invisible Ben Perfume at Indiescents  Iris  is Jazmin Saraï’s first band inspired perfume. The perfume starts off just fresh enough with a simp  Italian Basil  Ivy  Ivy leaves  I’ll meet you up there where the path runs straight and high”. As a disclaimer  Jane Booke  jasmin  Jasmin Water  jasmine  Jasmine of water  jasmine sambac  Jimmy Paige  John Paul Jones and remaining members of Led Zeppelin do not endorse this or any other product made   John Paul Jones and remaining members of Led Zeppelin do not endorse this or any other product made  John Paul Jones plays the mandolin…the crowd goes silent. The echo effect in the song contributes to  Juicy apple  juniper  justice bodan perfume oil  key lime  labdanum  Lady Rose Lion Monkey Unicorn Perfume at indiescents.com  lavander  lavender  leafy green  leathee  leather  Leaves  lemon  Lemon essence  Lemon Zest  lentisco  licorice  licorice wood  Lilac  Lily  Lily of the valley  Lime  lime blossom  Linden Blossom  Liquorice  Litchi  lotus  Lotus Blossom  Lotus Flower  Lotus flowers  Lotus Sake  Lychee  madagascar vanilla  magnolia  Magnolia Flower  mandarin  Mango  marine  Marine accord  Marine flowers  Marron  massoia and calamus  maté  mate  maté tea  meadowgrass  melon  memoirs of a trespasser  milk  Milky Accord  Mimosa  mimosa absolute  mineral  mint  Moss  muguet  mushroom absolute  musk  myrhh  myrrh  myrtle  Narcissus  natural oakmoss absolute  nectarine  neroli  new  New Caledonia sandalwood  newaa  Nishane Istanbul Munegu  Nishane Istanbul pachuli Kozha  Nishane Istanbul Pasion Choco  Norne  nube hydrogen perfume  nube lithium  nutmeg  nu_be helium at indiesents.com  nu_be hydrogen perfume  nu_be lithium at indiescents  nu_be oxygen  nu_be perfume carbon at indiescents  O-Cha  oak  oak moss  oakmoss  oakwood  oakwood absolute  olibanum  olive  opoponax  Oppapanax  orange  Orange Blossom  Orange Flower  Orange jump  Orange Pulp  orchid  orchidee terrible  orris  Orris Root  Osmanthus  Osmanthus and Indonesian patchouli in the middle and incense oak moss in the heart. A take no prison  Oud  oudh  ozone  Ozonique flowers  palmarosa  Paprika  parchment  particularly the chant-like lyrics of the song that signify a stream of consciousness: “It seems tha  Patchouli  Patchouli and Ambergris  Patchouli and Musk. Musical Genres: Hard rock  Payprus  peach  Pear  pear blossom  Peony  pepper  peppermint  Peru balsam  Peruvian balm  Petitgrain (Bitter orange)  Pettigrain  pikake  Pine  pine needles  pineapple  Pink berries  Pink Frangipani  pink grapefruit  pink peony  pink pepper  pink peppercorn  plum  plum blossom  pomegranate  Pomelo  powdery orris  Praline Accord  Queen of Persian-Esther P Parfumes  quince  Raspberry  Red Berries  red cedar  red suva frangipani  Red Wine  Reglisse Noire  resins  Rhubarb  rhum  Rice powder  Robert Plant  rose  rose geranium  rose otto  Rose petal  Rosemary  Rosewood  rum  rume  Russian tea  saffron  sage  sake  salt  salty essence  sand accord  sandalw  sandalwood  Sap  Scent by Alexis  Sea and Sky  Sea breeze salt accord  seaweed  shiso leaf  Sicilian Lemon  silver linden  smoke  Sonoma Scent Studio  spanish rose  spices  Spring flowers  spruce  star anise  star of anise  Stem  straw  suede  Suede Accord  sugar  Sugar Cane  Sugar Sugar  Sunshine and Pancakes Pefume at indiescents.com  sweet orange  Sweet Pea  Sycamore  Taken  Tamarind  Tamil  tangerin  tangerine  Tarragon  Tauer perfumes at indiescents  tea  Tea leaves  Teak  the bright boozy note of Davana drops  The Great Randello Pefume at IndieScents  The Sexiest Scent on the Planet Perfume at indiescents.com  therefore  thyme  Tiare  Tiaré flower  Time to Draw the Raffle Numbers Perfume at indiescents.com  To Dream  Tobacco  tobacco absolute  tobacco flowers  Tokyo Milk  tolu balm  tonka  Tonka Bean  tonka bean.  Tonka beans  touch of spices  Transparent bouquet  Transparent flowers  Treemoss  tropical flowers  Tuberose  Turf  vanilla  vanilla co2  Vanille  verbena  Vetiver  vetyver  violet  violet flower  Violet leaf  violet leaf absolute  warm sand  Water Flowers  Water Lily  watercress  waterlily  week24  week25  white  White Flowers  White Ginger  White musk  white orchid  white pepper  Whites musk  willow bark  Winter Lemon  woods  Yellow Tangerine  ylang ylang  yuzu