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"Since my early childhood, I have been obsessed with the senses of taste and smell. This obsession started with my grandmother‘s cooking and gardening and, later, with my mother wearing Magie Noire by Lancôme. While I was interested in all kinds of art forms, I ended up studying pharmacy at university and became a pharmacist in a family-owned apothecary. Over the past two decades, I have also made a study of the art of perfumery. I began with the naturals and then moved into synthetics. Impressed by the combination of traditional and modern perfumery, I created my first fragrance in 2006 - Pink Patchouli. During the following years, I created many formulas - looking for my own signature - always with the focus on characteristic themes of my “scentific" memory – the Essential Collection. Each of the 10 Essential SP Parfums is composed and manufactured by myself with high-quality raw materials. Each of the 10 Essentials is bottled in an elegant 30 mL atomizer with an apothecary-style label. The package design, reminiscent of herbal tea boxes, is related to my profession as a pharmacist. I believe 'Home is,where the perfume is.' Our childhood scent memories help access the deepest realms of our dreams, instincts and soul..." - Sven Pritzkoleit of SP Parfums