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    Rrose Selavy

    by Maria Candida Gentile

    Rrose Sélavy is a velvet rose, persistent and unique, dedicated to one of the leading artists that helped define Dadaism: Marcel Duchamp and his "double," Rrose Sélavy. The name "Sélavy" emerged in 1921 in a series of Man Ray photographs of Duchamp dressed as a woman. Through the 1920s, Man Ray and Duchamp collaborated on more photos of Sélavy, and Duchamp later used the name as a pseudonym. With her latest fragrance, Maria Candida offers an olfactory interpretation of Rrose Sélavy, a moniker that sounds like "eros, c'est la vie" or "arroser la vie" in French, which translates as "to make a toast to life." Maria Candida makes "a toast to life" with her velvet, soft, fresh, just-harvested rose fragrance.
    NOTES: Rose petals, Turkish rose, May rose, rose accord, Michelle rose, rose stems, rose leaves


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    Product Reviews

    1. Rrose Selavy. 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 28th Aug 2016

      Maria Candida Gentile is my favorite perfume house by far. I just love her work and the high quality ingredients used in all of her perfumes. Rrose Selavy reminds me of Annick Goutal's Ce Soir Ou Jamais, which was previously my favorite rose blend ever. It's full of expensive, rich, full bodied, velvety Turkish rose. I wear this and just feel like I'm covered in expensive, true rose oil. There's something so decadent and sensual about it. I've already gone through my sample and am saving up for the 100ml size. Now I can say that MCG makes my favorite vanilla (Noir Tropical), my favorite resin (Sideris), my favorite lavender (Barry Lyndon) and my favorite rose :)