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    Ode For Him

    by 1000 Flowers

    Jessica follows Reglisse Noire with a hot and spicy fragrance for men - Ode For Him. This fragrance is inspired by a love story a love story where cultures meet, meld, and are discovered...and, through it all, fall into the depths of real love. Ode for Him features cool Eastern spices richly layer with oud wood from Laos and cedar and resins from faraway lands.

    NOTES: Coriander, cardamom, immortelle absolute, rose absolute, clove, sandalwood, oud, frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood, patchouli, moss, vetiver

    RIYL: spicy - with a hint of sweet - male fragrance


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    Product Reviews

    1. Updated review 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 16th Feb 2018

      I left a review earlier stating that it had no staying power on my skin - my partner ended up trying it and loves it so much, and it really does stay well on him. So it's a matter of body chemistry...on him it has many nuances and he'll be getting the bottle.

    2. Doesn't last long enough to leave an impression 2 Star Review

      Posted by on 24th Nov 2017

      This smells spicy and very masculine but was completely undetectable on my skin less than an hour later.

    3. Ode For Him 2 Star Review

      Posted by on 11th Aug 2016

      This was lacklustre on my skin. It's mostly lots of sweet spices (similar to the scent of nutmeg), something that smells oily, and a whisper of leathery oud & vetiver. It smells very simple and flat on me, and fades really quickly.

    4. Even Better Than Reglisse 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 10th Dec 2015

      Reglisse Noir has received all (or, if not all, exactly—certainly a very plump lion’s share) of 1000 Flowers’ acclaim in the Canadian, by way of Grasse, perfume house’s relatively short life, and it’s hard to fault Jessica Buchanan for having a hit straight out of the gate, but there are lessons about pacing and suspense that she might, in retrospect, wish she had learned earlier. Ode for Him seems destined to wither in the shade cast by its more illustrious predecessor, a difficult second album judged not by its merits, but for its failure to match the chart-topping exploits of Reglisse.

      In an alternative universe in which the release date of these fragrances are reversed, Ode for Him would herald the arrival of an extraordinarily talented nose, surely, but moreover signal, perhaps even more clearly than Reglisse the aesthetic direction of the house, very much in keeping with a zeitgeist, seen elsewhere in, for instance, the revival of quality men’s tailoring, the resurgence of benchgrade and above cobbling: quality is back in fashion; Buchanan places a premium on the quality of ingredients she sources.

      From the beginning Ode for Him smells opulent, the antithesis of lower grade synthetics, and even inferior naturals. In the same way that, say, even an uneducated shoulder feels better under the weight of a fully canvassed Zegna coat, it requires no particularly well-educated nose to understand, even without the vocabulary to translate the olfactory sense into particularly apt descriptions, that there is a depth to Ode for Him that is uncommon. The tendency, or at least trend, of many fragrance reviews seems to put the emphasis not so much on the composition of the perfumer but rather on the finesse of the reviewer’s nose: their purpose seems to be to prove their aptitude in the detection of quickly evanescent notes, the apprehension of furtive top notes and very quickly we’re in the middle of the worst sort of sommelier party, if not at 221B Baker Street listening to a self-satisfied Holmes point out how he solved the Case of the Vanishing Vetiver.

      Often interesting, these reviews subject what is, at least nominally, the object of their analysis, to a false test: the measure of a well-made fragrance isn’t always in the intricacy of its note composition. For instance, and in much the same way, the measure of a good rock guitarist isn’t always the display of fiddly, complex, annoying guitar solos, but the extent to which the listener forgets he or she is there. Who really prefers Yngwie Malsteen to Johnny Marr? To return to Zegna: it’s not really the pickstitching, on its own, that secures for its main line coats their reputation, it’s the overall, undeniable sense that the tailor’s dedication to detail has resulted in a harmonious whole that speaks of quality utterly undeniable. And I suppose that’s, finally, my review of Ode for Him. There’s a lovely oud, some frankincense, some myrhh and some spices at the top. But it’s the way they’ve been put together that matters. And the way they’ve been put together is beautifully harmonious. The quality, although quieter than Reglisse Noir, is such that Ode for Him is surely one of the best fragrances for men you’re likely to come across at any price point, anywhere you look.

    5. Wowza 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 28th Mar 2014

      This is one of the best masculine fragrances I have ever smelled...very complex, gorgeous, can't stop sniffing it on my husband, and thankfully he loves it and is happy to wear it!