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    Pretty Rotten No.33

    by Tokyo Milk

    Pretty Rotten is a darkly romantic, fairy-tale fragrance. It's ripe with seductive, blooming queen amber rose sweetened with just the right bit of ambrosia apple. Find yourself lost on a path of mossy forest greens...Where will the journey take you?

    NOTES: Ambrosia apple, rosewater, spun sugar, honeycomb


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    Product Reviews

    1. definitely not rotten 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 4th Feb 2017

      This is very sweet, very natural fragrance. It smells like overripe apples and honey. It`s not for everybody, and it has a hint of soap in there.

    2. Again, chemistry is everything 1 Star Review

      Posted by on 3rd Feb 2017

      So much love for the name of this and not opposed to apple (though it isn't my first choice), but...but....to my nose, this one was accurately named. Too accurately. My grandma had fruit trees and we were tasked with picking up the fruit that had ripened and then turned rotten. That's exactly the smell I got here - sweet on top, with something gone-very wrong underneath it. One smell and it turned my stomach. Power of memories, I guess.

      Sample it first. Love this brand and its willingness to flirt with unconventional scents, so I'm glad to know that there are those who love it.

    3. Pretty Rotten. 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 12th Oct 2016

      The packaging on these is gorgeous, with the sturdy boxes that open up with a little display shelf for the perfume bottle. Pretty Rotten isn't as sweet as I was expecting from the listed notes. It's a crisp, true, not-overly-sweet apple, like biting into a golden delicious. But it has a persistent, fluffy soapiness to it on my skin, like a men's shaving cream scent. In the drydown, it's golden delicious apples with just a hint of soap and a lot of clean rosewater. I smell little whiffs of sweet. creamy, golden honey every now and again. I usually don't enjoy apple or clean type fragrances, but I'm actually loving this one.