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    November No. 11

    by Erik Kormann

    Erik Kormann "November" bottle was designed by Jo Zarth. 

    Notes: Cardamom, frankincense, fir balsam, heliotrope, vanilla dark chocolate.

    A warm gourmand for fall/winter: delicious, but not sweet, intense but well-tempered.

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    Product Reviews

    1. Character Twist 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 9th Dec 2021

      This was a blind-buy, but November didn’t disappoint overall. It is definitely a perfume that embodies at least 3 to 4 different perfumes or scent characters, if you’re someone who likes unpredictable. On my skin it takes on a new life in multiple variations throughout its life span.
      At initial spray, the head notes are odd and have a papery, almost astringent , almost alcohol quality-akin to fresh printing ink on paper, then immediately descends into a sour note, which lasts about 5 seconds. This may sound off-putting, but I’ve learned when it comes to olfactory senses to wait. Patience often will reap a treasure, if you give it time.
      The dry down unravels to a heart of very woody incense that is heavy on the cedar and very intense (almost a monster) of straight-out frankincense. This lasts for most of heart, but I happen to love frankincense, so the one dimensional, churchy incense character isn’t exactly unwelcome and stays close to the skin. The waiting pays off, as in its base notes the most beautiful grand finale of sweet tonka vanilla and smoke creep in as an unexpected guest and totally changes the mood. It is like spending the day in the cold, wet woods and then to finish the day with retiring into a welcoming, glowing, warm wood cabin. This sudden twist happens on my skin after the 5th hour and lasts for another 2 hours until it finishes as a powder bomb.
      The sillage is moderate but the longevity is about 7+ hours-even longer in cold weather.
      Bottom line, you never get bored with this scent and it beautifully sums up November. It’s is cold yet warm, and isn’t overly ‘autumn-like or nostalgic or sweet. It’s a heady scent that is unisex and comforting. It is a refreshing escape from your typical fall scents invoking all things gourmand, spice and sugar.
      My only criticism is how such a lovely perfume can start and end so oddly. I find most perfumes end up a baby powder bomb on me though at the base notes, so this perfume isn’t unique in that sense, as I half expect that with my skin chemistry.

      November is a good value and definitely worth purchasing if you’re an adventurer.

    2. An intriguing scent. 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 15th Sep 2021

      It starts off a bit chaotic, but within about 10-15 minutes calms down to a very pleasant woody smell, and within half an hour, base notes are noticable.

      In the warmth, the rosewood, pine and frankincense are strongest [and stay for the duration]; in the cool, it's a sweet woody (rosewood + cedar) chocolate, with heliotrope and tonka [passing through stages]. The far drydown for both warm and cool is light wood + a touch of frankincense.

      Overall, I would say this is a genderless scent--there is sweetness and a lightly floral stage, but it's (almost equally) balanced with the wood/fir/incense. This was a blind-buy, and I am looking forward to wearing it more.