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Marissa Zappas

Marissa Zappas is a perfumer, scent designer, and poet based in New York City. Her approach to perfumery merges her background in anthropology with her admiration for avant-garde perfumes of the early twentieth century. Her fragrances are often personal, but she is also known for her collaborations with New York City artists and writers. Her ethereal and deeply nostalgic perfumes blend the fantasy and the real with the gothic and the modern.

Marissa believes creating and wearing perfume is a way of invoking future (as well as present and past) selves. Her academic work explores the history of perfumery as it relates to attitudes towards death and the history of cemetery construction. While completing her MA, Marissa worked at Givaudan as part of her ethnographic training. There, she decided to dive fully into the art of perfumery and began working as a lab apprentice to Master Perfumer, Olivier Gillotin. She trained in perfumery under his mentorship until 2017, when she left to start freelancing. She lives in New York.