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Francesca Dell’Oro was born in Lecco in northern Italy, along the elegant banks of Lake Como. Since her childhood, Francesca was passionate about the aromas and perfumes coming from the gardens surrounding her home.

After earning a degree in Communications at a university in Milan, Francesca worked in graphic design for several fashion firms. As the owner of her own boutique, she dedicated herself to stylistic research and, in particular, to new fragrances to combine with fashion collections.

In 2011, Francesca, giving voice to her creative impulse and to her continued passion for perfumery, decided to launch her personal fragrance line. In order to realize her dream, Francesca worked with perfumers from international firms who were able to understand her creative ideas and assisted her in creating seven unique and exclusive scents.

All Francesca Dell’Oro fragances have something biographic: a moment, an emotion, or a memory. All of her fragrances are characterized by well-defined accords and by shiny and floral hearts.

Ambrosine is the fragrance that launched the brand. It invokes a mother's caress and the tenderness of a familiar gesture.

White Plumage emphasizes intimate memories. The name recalls feathers, batting, whiteness and soft things.

The name Lullaby refers to a hypnotic and persuasive lullaby, whispered by a feminine voice. The fragrance invokes playful, sunny, light and cheerful moments.

The idea for Francine arose from a trip between Corsica and Sardinia. "Francine" is a nickname a local woman gave Francesca during her adolescence, as a young world explorer.

Envoutant talks about a carnal and - as its name suggests - a compelling encounter. In this fragrance there is something that catches your attention and destabilizes you.

Fleurdenya recalls the floral explosion you encounter while walking through the Columbia Road Flower Market in London, a place that exalts your senses and revitalizes your spirit.

Page 29 represents strong contrasts and a dearest memory. This fragrance is connected to the page of a diary and to its secrets inside. In this perfume, everyone can find his or her page...