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nu_be speaks of the origins of the universe, of that primordial magma that gave birth to the stars, a material still in fusion that harks back to Chaos, a state preceding finished Form. Something spiritual and cosmic that recalls the uncontaminated matter of the bowels of the Earth. The unexpected experience of an outcrop of pure materials, each hidden within another.

nu_be draws a map of the advent of the primary elements, as an access key to a unique vision. An adventurous trek that begins far, far away to end up as life on Earth: from a cloud in sidereal space, the celestial dust itself becomes a "new being", alive and transformed.

At its origins are Hydrogen [1H], Helium [2He] and Lithium [3Li], the three elements of the primitive explosion from which everything was born. Exuberant aromas, magnetic and restless, but enveloping and meditative, that evoke accumulation and rarefaction, the energy of a universe forming. Carbon [6C] and Oxygen [8O] then trace out the watermark of our biosphere, attracting intimate solemn atmospheres, made up of subtle currents and terrestrial memories. nu_be creates an olfactory world, accessible in its most secret nuances, only to those who venture upon this search for the origins, for those who crumble and fracture the crust, the shell, the surface, a threshold to be breached, to seek the vital lymph.

Tracks for humans

nu_be is an olfactory periodic table created in collaboration with master perfumers. An eau de parfum for each element: traces of cosmic memory to take humans back to a profound empathy with their origins.