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    Style of perfume

    • Clean
    • Citrus
    • Floral

    Popular Notes

    • Amber
    • Ambergris
    • Apple

    MADE IN ITALY 'Emotional Olfactive Landscapes' are a collection of fragrances capturing a specific time and space olfactive description. Date, time, place. An Olfactive photo-shooting; An olfactive epiphany.

    MADE IN ITALY is a collection of little stories. Each of us collects small, meaningful events through objects, tools, media. It can be a picture, a text, a diary, a movie, or a concert ticket. We love to keep them with us, as they stock our memories with care. Scents are the most powerful memory triggers.

    All places captured by MADE IN ITALY are Italian landscapes, not the ones you expect, not the perfect postcards: Natural landscapes, urban landscapes. Just walk around the corner and the beauty of an unexpected, un-perfect moment will be there, you will be exposed to it. These fragrances capture that moment.

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