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    Style of perfume

    • Clean
    • Citrus
    • Floral

    Popular Notes

    • Amber
    • Ambergris
    • Apple

    “Each fragrance made me feel happy and beautiful as I created it. The notes flirted with me and I felt inspired to create around their whimsy. Since this collection is blended in pure apricot kernel oil, the scents stay close to the skin and are very personal. A truly intimate luxury” – Miriam Vareldzis, principal/Creative Director

    40notes Perfumery is a luxury niche fragrance company specializing in rare and exquisite perfumery ingredients, creating limited-edition collections and customized one-of-a-kind fragrance creations.
    40notes was born, like it’s creator Miriam, in Santa Barbara, California. The inspiration for the company came in 2002, amidst aromatic breezes in a Mediterranean climate full of color and light. For eight years, Miriam followed her passions for beauty, whimsy, travel, adventure and above all, her love of smelling and passion for the art of perfumery, to realize her vision. The journey of 40notes weaves together her gifted sense of smell, experiences from a career in the fragrance industry in New York City, training in architecture, design and music, and influences from travel destinations that include Bali, China, Paris, Buenos Aires, Greece, Egypt, Nepal, Zimbabwe and South Africa. While developing the collection, Miriam studied precious ingredients, experimented with blending, sought out rare materials, all the while holding close a treasured quote by the poet Rumi for inspiration:  “Let the beauty we love be what we do”

    Inspired by the classic, elegant lines of early 20th century perfume bottles, the 40notes perfume bottle imported from France, is like a precious gem: sensuous to hold in your hand; beautiful to look at on your boudoir. It is presented in a round, silk box which can later be used for jewels or priceless keepsakes.

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