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    What I Did On My Holidays

    by 4160Tuesdays


    "I'd started working on this for a teenage character in a novel; it was to remind her of a British beach holiday with her family. It was something I'd been working on for quite a while: suntan lotion, sea air, salt water, then a walk along the seafront past tea shops and amusement arcades. We went to Scarborough for a weekend, and it became the scent of my own childhood holidays. Then my sister asked me to sponsor her new venture, the Military Wives Choir York, which I did, and I asked them if they'd like their own perfume. Yes, they would. I got a list of suggestions of all the things they'd like to include in it, and a strong theme sang out: time spent at the beach with the family. Time off, time together, sea, sand, suntan lotion, ice creams. So, this time, I went to town with the vanilla and the sunscreen scents. This beach has chip shops and clanging arcade rides. A coating of suntan lotion, a brisk sea breeze, peppermint rock, then a big stick of fluffy candy floss and a Mr. Softee vanilla ice cream." Sarah McCartney

    NOTES: Coconut, cucumber, spearmint, sea air, lavender, cedarwood, vanilla ice cream, candy floss


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    1. Magic in a bottle. 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 21st Apr 2016

      I've tried most of the 4160Tuesdays fragrances now, and this is the only one that I fell in love with, but I really do love it. This is such a fun, unique gourmand. The mint, cucumber and sea air really do smell like standing next to the ocean on a frigid, windy day. Brisk, salty, clean, outdoorsy. Then the coconut and vanilla with hints of lavender and cotton candy add this fun, sweet, amazing gourmand that stands next to that clean, outdoorsy smell in the most amazing & appealing way possible. Everything is very well balanced. Creamy and cold. I love how complex and unusual this is, while still being easy and fun to wear. Love love love :)