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    Winter Woods

    by Sonoma Scent Studio

    Cozy woods and amber, all cuddled up together by a crackling fire. This is a perfect autumn to winter scent – a warm swirl of burnished wood, smoke, musk and leather, with a generous serving of sweet, honeyed amber to soften all the edges. Smooth and comforting.

    Gaiac wood, cedar, sandalwood, birch tar, cade, oakmoss, castoreum, amber, labdanum, vetiver, ambergris, musk

    Sipping mulled cider by the fire while the snow falls outside


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    Product Reviews

    1. cedar

      Posted by Leisa on 9th Apr 2014

      this is very strong cedar scent on first application. reminds me of pine cones.

    2. comforting and beautiful scent

      Posted by Sakura on 29th Jan 2013

      It's pure love when I first smelled this! I live in the tropics so we don't have winters here, but I do long for that warm, comforting woody scent when the weather gets a bit colder. And this is it! It's comfy and smoky and a bit sweet but not gourmand. Just perfect!

    3. Love at First Smell

      Posted by Holiday on 16th Oct 2012

      I am new to this whole review thing, but here goes. I have always been a spicy,sandalwoody kind of girl. But Winter Woods is so much more/different than that.As soon as I put some of the sample on my wrist, I was smitten. I continued to smell it every few minutes, and it subtly changed into a more smoky, mossy, comfy,inviting fragrance as I wore it. This is my new favorite perfume!!!!!! My favorite time of year is Fall/Christmas/Winter, and this one fits that bill and more. It has exceeded my expectations and then some. I will be asking my husband for this one for Christmas! No,change that to now! I can't wait that long!!!!!

    4. woody incense

      Posted by clockmilk on 5th Apr 2012

      Very accurately named, I get wood smoke, tree sap, incense, and mulled cider. It is a little too strong for me to consider buying a full bottle of. I sprayed once before going to bed and my pajamas the next morning reeked of it. But if you're a fan of Slumberhouse fragrances or Cdg's Incense series, you'll like this.

    5. Winter Wonder!

      Posted by Jobear on 27th Jan 2011

      Beautiful.not too smoky-sweet,but not cloying,warm,reminds me of Annicks Myrrh Andante:)

    6. too smoky

      Posted by Unknown on 18th Jan 2011

      It's an interesting scent, but too "smoky" for me.

    7. Smells like Christmas

      Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2010

      Christmas is all I can think when smelling this. The RIYL description is dead on... it smells like mulled cider and a fire. It is warm and spicy, cozy and intriguing. I was worried by the description that it might be too masculine but it doesn't wear that way at all. I would love to drench my house in this scent during the holidays. Clove is not one of the notes listed but it is the primary scent I get from this delectable perfume.

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