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    by Lisa Kirk

    Announcing Lisa Kirk’s new custom-made perfume, REVOLUTION The fragrance contains the odors of smoke, gasoline, tear gas, burnt rubber, and decaying flesh and acts as an olfactory critique on contemporary luxury branding and political im/possibilities. For this new blend, fragrance consultant and entrepreneur Ulrich Lang of Ulrich Lang New York, longtime specialist in art and fragrance, brought Kirk together with Patricia Choux for Takasago to create a facsimile of the original luxury blend used in Revolution Pipe Bomb. REVOLUTION is an affordable facsimile of the original blend encased in a 12ml chemical transport vile and static shield sleeve.

    Birch Tar, Ambergris, Leather, Musk, Vetiver, Woods, Civet

    the smell of smoke, tear gas, and gasoline


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    Product Reviews

    1. Give it time

      Posted by SV on 25th Nov 2013

      I agree with a lot of the folks who wrote that Revolution is very, very different, and even a little concerning...at first. Yes, it does have a gasoline/rubber blast to it when first applied, but after 10 or 15 minutes it lightens up a bit without giving up its edginess. No question people will take a second whiff when they pick this up on you, and some may wonder what you were thinking. BUT, in an age of boring florals and spices, here's something a little different for those confident enough to wear it. Put on the jeans, the biker boots and the t-shirt and rock this one.

    2. A Violent Stomach Turner

      Posted by vibrantlysubtle on 17th Aug 2013

      I received this as a sample and blindly sprayed this on myself. My initial thought was "cannabis" and headshops. My head began pulsating and I experienced a visceral reaction of nausea. Ten minutes later I smell like gasoline, asphalt, and there's a foul odor reminiscient of band-aids. I have to scrub this as it's unbearable. It's a scent for someone with a lot of self hatred and angst.

    3. Interesting.....

      Posted by Mel K on 13th Apr 2013

      The initial scent reminded me of an auto body garage. I detect hint of motor oil, metal and smoke. The initial scent lasts quite a long time and is very strong. However, the dry down softens to an amber-like scent. Overall, this perfume is very edgy and I like it. I understand the name of the perfume now, its very fitting.

    4. Sorry, But

      Posted by Unknown on 12th May 2011

      The initial scent was decomposition and made me physically ill. Very unpleasant unless you are an extremely avant garde edgy individual who can get away with something that smells so weird.

    5. A true collectible piece of olfactory art!

      Posted by arch.memory on 22nd Apr 2011

      This perfume took me by storm: from the florid copy I expected to be gravely disappointed, but it miraculously lives up to it. The burnt rubber and smoky woods reminded me initially of SMN's fabulous nostalgia, but Revolution takes on a decidedly carnal twist. It manages to make anarchy smell downright sexy! And it is potent, which means you can get considerable mileage from the tiny vial. Dark, edgy, yet strangely wearable!

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