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    Age of Aquarius No. 21

    by Tokyo Milk

    When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, it’s time to smell fabulous with this intriguing blend of citrus, wood and orchid. A startlingly bright and spicy bergamot orange whisks us into the new age of enlightenment and the cool, windswept notes of moss, willow bark and airy orchid help us find our inner peace. Serene, yet invigorating – this is meditation in a bottle.

    Bergamot, Iceland moss, white orchid, willow bark

    Dry, fresh, citrus scents


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    Product Reviews

    1. Age of Aquarius 3 Star Review

      Posted by on 17th Oct 2016

      This is a Tokyo Milk that I bought just for the cute label. It smells aquatic, floral, soapy and warmly feminine. It reminds me of walking into a hair salon and smelling all of the soapy shampoos and fruity-floral hair sprays in the air. Rather soapy and sweetly apple-ish on my skin, with a sweet, lemony bergamot noticeable in the drydown. Clean and sweet.

    2. Lovely single note flowery scent 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 1st Oct 2016

      I quite like this one, but cannot describe it. It is fairly synthetic in a sense that I cannot recognize any of the individual notes listed or not, all I detect is a very appealing, clean flowery note, but not white flowers kind, and not too sweet. So I guess it could be called the listed orchid note. I love that note.

    3. Generic but nice 3 Star Review

      Posted by on 24th Jul 2013

      Right out of the bottle it smelled like 90% of the floral perfumes I've ever tried, but it quickly mellowed to a sweet and pleasant smell. Nice, but nothing special.

    4. Not what I was expecting... 3 Star Review

      Posted by on 1st May 2012

      I ordered a sample of this based entirely on the description - I love all the notes listed, and the description of "dry, fresh, citrus" is exactly what I'm always looking for. I'd also heard very good things about the Tokyo Milk brand.

      The actual perfume is not what I expected. At first whiff, the sample vial smells of generic fruity perfume, which was a bit underwhelming. On my skin, it smells quite cold and manly... I think it might be the combo of bergamot and moss. It does have GREAT lasting power (isn't that always the case with perfumes you'd don't love?). I sprayed once at about 11PM, and it was the first thing I woke up smelling at 8AM the next morning.

      I feel like I should emphasize - it's not bad, not bad at all. Quite pleasant. It's just a little more toward the dude side of unisex; even my husband agreed that it didn't smell bad, just like I'd gotten into some cologne. I'm usually drawn to unisex scents, especially citrus; this one just wasn't the one for me. I look forward to trying other Tokyo Milk perfumes though - this one did seem high quality.

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