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    New York 1955

    by 4160Tuesdays


    A bright, shiny, ice-cream soda scent.

    "One of my favourite vintage 1950s scents was Coty's Chantilly, named after the French town famous for its whipped cream and intricate lace.  It's a soft strawberry and cream perfume, decorated with crystalised rose.  For New York 1955, I transported the desert theme over the Atlantic to a New York milk bar, turned up the volume, piled it with vanilla ice cream and raspberries, loaded it with candy floss, crystalised roses and violets, and smoothed it with soft, huggable musks and ambergris." ~ Sarah McCartney


    Notes: Candy floss, raspberry, rose, violet, vanilla, musk



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    Product Reviews

    1. Sugared floral. 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 30th Aug 2016

      Powdery violet pastilles candies and delicate, girly, pink roses dipped in powdered sugar. A bit of a clean white musk and only the smallest hint of raspberry. This is more of a sweet, sugared floral than a cotton candy scent on me. After a half hour, it's sweet violet and rose candy with a powdery, vanilla and white musk finish. Turns too baby powdery for me over time, but I do like this. It's sweet, innocent and cheerful.