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    Cologne du Maghreb

    by Tauer perfumes

    Cologne du Maghreb is hand crafted and created in the traditional way of cologne making: with all-natural and all-botanical raw materials only. Essential oils, absolutes, resins and love find their way into this Cologne. Not more, not less.

    When asked why he adds only naturals into his colognes, Tauer replies, "Because there is no need for anything else!" 

    Like all colognes, Cologne du Maghreb lives in the moment, and is made to last a short while, bright and fresh like the morning sun rising over a citrus garden in Sicily. Cologne du Maghreb builds on the finest grade of Bbrgamot and lemon essential oils, combined with other carefully selected citrus treasures, such as luxurious neroli oil, the steam distilled essential oil of orange blossoms. Some notes last longer than the classical citrus chord. These are for instance Moroccan cedar wood from the high Atlas, cistus ladaniferus balms, or the warm orange blossom absolute. These notes add a twist to an otherwise classical cologne construction. 



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    Product Reviews

    1. Cologne du Maghreb 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 26th Oct 2016

      Beautiful, natural, true citrus that dries down to a beautiful, natural, true, spicy cedar note. Really enjoyable, and like a perfume palette cleanser on some days :)

    2. Simply gorgeous cologne 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 17th Jun 2014

      As usual, Andy Tauer does not disappoint. This is a beautiful natural cologne that smells like being in a real orange grove when the trees are blooming. The wood notes are beautiful and it has a lovely spicy vibe. The lavender and rosemary are clear and natural smelling. If you spray this generously under clothing it lasts longer than you would think. Both my husband and I wear this and just love it.

    3. Surprisingly Pleasant 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 28th Mar 2013

      I've tried several Tauer fragrances, and the interpretation always leaves me intrigued, which is what prompted me to try this particular fragrance. Although nothing "sticks out" to me about this fragrance, it is definitely a true citrus, and one who has a trained nose can tell it is authentic in quality. Well done!

    4. Yes! IT is really NICE! 4 Star Review

      Posted by on 24th Feb 2012

      I LOVE realistic citrus fragrances,with a good herbal twist..NO mens aftershave here,or lemon pledge aroma! This cologne is not very long lived..but its not made to be. It is the best new fragrance from this line I have tried so far:) My only small pet peeve is..I wish the gold tops on this design looked a little nicer,maybe more of a brushed brass look,instead of the shiny,shiny look.

    5. Surprisingly woodsy! 5 Star Review

      Posted by on 19th Jan 2012

      From the description, I was bracing myself for a face full of citrus, but I think the cedar note is the real star here, the central pillar that the dry botanicals and the bright citrus dance around. It smells ancient, sacred, dry, but alive, like a secret oasis in the desert or a temple on a mountaintop with offerings of fruit and dried flowers arranged on the altar.

      Wonderful for a man or woman, a great fragrance trip while you're performing your after-shower rituals. It puts me in a peaceful mood to start my day, and gracefully fades in time for me to put on my daily "face the world" scent.

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