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    A Kiss by the Fireside

    by 4160Tuesdays

    "I first made A Kiss By The Fireside as a bespoke scent, a gift from a friend of ours for his girlfriend. He'd quietly asked what scents she liked, and she said wood fires, cinnamon, rose and lavender. It made quite an unusual perfume, with masses of rose to balance a drop of smokey white birch. It was definitely not her thing. Instead, I made her a slightly less unusual fruity floral with a slpash of cucumbery freshness. But, when I took the two original bottles to Odette Toilette's scent speakeasy, they were snapped up in seconds. Finally, I got around to making a batch, left it a couple of months and, though I do say it myself, I really do think it evokes the atmosphere for a kiss by the fireside quite nicely."  ~ Sarah McCartney

    NOTES: Mandarin, cinnamon, rose, lavendae, cardamom, labdanum, vetivert, smoked woods 


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    Product Reviews

    1. By the Fireside. 3 Star Review

      Posted by on 30th Aug 2016

      Opens up with a rather masculine, sharp citrus and musky lavender, but dries down a lot warmer. The vetiver and smoked woods really do smell like woodsmoke and ashes. Mixed with some spiced roses. After an hour, Kiss has settled into dry, soft wood with an almost resinous sweetness, with red rose and lots of spices (keeps making me think of clove more than cinnamon).

    2. yuck 1 Star Review

      Posted by on 16th Jun 2015

      This perfume was so awful I had to scrub it off my wrists I was gagging! It smells like a dollar store brand men's cologne